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Our courses are energetic and hands-on. Theory and practice are mixed on methodologies and tools, to accelerate your way of working during an innovation process. It is a practice based approach that emphasizes empathy for the end user. The ultimate goal: your organization will innovate more rapidly and more effectively.


Design Sprints

  • 2-day training
  • In-company & public
  • 2 experienced trainers
  • Open source toolbox
  • 8-12 participants
€ 12.950,-

Do you want to work and innovate faster and more efficiently? Look no further! A Design Sprint is designed to create a validated prototype within a week.

In this training you learn about the process of a Design Sprint (based on the Google Ventures method) and how to implement this in your organisation. The techniques cannot only be used in a sprint but can be applied in your day to day tasks to boost the way of working in your organisation.

For whom? From product owners and marketeers up to insight professionals and designers.

Design Thinking

  • 2 day training
  • In-company & public
  • 2 experienced trainers
  • Open source toolbox
  • 8-12 participants
€ 12.950,-

The Design Thinking mindset assists you to look, understand and solve problems in a different way. The fundamentals: empathy, dare to fail and continuous learning.

During the training you will learn how to apply the basic principles of Design Thinking. You expand your toolbox and will know when to apply which technique during the innovation process, to accelerate the way of working in your organisation.

This training is suitable for everyone that works on product and proposition development, insights, positioning or strategy development.

Empathy Interviews

  • 1 day training
  • In-company only
  • 2 experienced trainers
  • Empathy toolbox
  • 8-12 participants
€ 6.900,-

To develop and innovate more rapidly, also means you have to meet with end users more often (empathy building) and to calibrate ideas. Conducting your own end user interviews ensures you can move forward faster and whenever you need to. During this training you will learn about interview techniques, how to determine the Job-to-be-Done and why this is important, and how to prepare for meeting the client. Lot’s of practice will enable you to engage more confident and goal oriented into conversation.

Suitable for everyone that wants to think and work (even) more customer centric.

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Jan Zwang | Senior Market & Insights Specialist | VodafoneZiggo

Together with Perspective, the VodafoneZiggo Market Insights team has further defined the team’s Way of Working and made it more concrete. We brought more focus to our goals and were trained to better facilitate internal workshops.

Daniëlle Koning | Customer Experience Manager | UWV

The two-day Perspective Design Thinking training is very hands-on. Through a good combination of both theory and practice, it becomes very tangible and easy to translate to one’s own organization.

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