We make human centered design happen

At Perspective, we help our clients discover new ideas and develop innovative concepts. Starting with the point of view of the end user, we translate ideas and concepts into concrete solutions that can be implemented quickly.

From Design Thinking to Design Doing.

What we do

Our approach follows the principles of Design Thinking. We develop concrete solutions for our clients by thorough understanding of the end user.

What we offer

At Perspective, our people are doers. Our intentions are not to merely give advice. Instead, we work closely with client teams to get the job done, with a strategy based on extensive experience with the agile methodology.


Our approach is firmly rooted in empathy: a clear picture of what moves and motivates the end user. We uncover the real problem and find solutions that really help the end user overcome the problem. We transform deep insights of the end user into compelling points of departure for real innovation.


We help our clients realise concrete solutions that range from redesigning existing services and product propositions to developing new business models. Our people are hands-on and accustomed to working at a fast pace.


We continuously share our knowledge and methods with others: not only during projects but also during courses, in-house training programmes and public events. At Perspective, we work according to open source principles, with open source methodologies. In that context, we see knowledge sharing as a responsibility, a responsibility that we take seriously and that we enjoy.


Each project has its own specific requirements and idiosyncrasies. At Perspective, we design a specific strategy that incorporates one or more of the tools below for each project.


We obtain unparalleled insight into the world and needs of the end user. Via discussions, interviews, context mapping and ethnographic research, in our studios, at home and on location or via online or telephone-based surveys.

Design sprints

We organise design sprints (Google Ventures) with a duration of 3 to 5 days. The intensive and rapid design sprint process results in concrete solutions and business models. We support the process with our own designers where required and have numerous case studies to share with prospective clients.

CX strategy

We help our clients to formulate clear CX strategies as a firm basis for proposition development, service design, digital design and communications. Our step-by-step approach to CX strategy formulation takes brand values to the next level, one that is more tangible and far more concrete.


Working directly with the end user always results in surprising new revelations for clients. During co-creation sessions, Perspective helps the client work directly with end users to build concrete new solutions. We develop a structure for the sessions that maximises inspiration for both the client and the end user.

Customer journey design

Our proven customer journey design strategy moves from the ‘as-is’ situation towards the ‘to-be’ situation via a clear visualisation of Touchpoints, pains & gains and MoTs. Our strategy focuses on digitalisation as a means to distinguish your organisation from the competition with scalable services.


Perspective offers service that spans the globe. For our international clients, we coordinate various projects in Europe, the United States and Asia, in addition to the projects that we organise and execute in the Netherlands for our international partners.


We like to share our knowledge and methods. Our masterclasses a.o. about Design Thinking, Design Sprints and Customer Journeys are hands-on (learning by doing) and directly applicable in your daily work. We offer three options:


A one or two day training, tailored to the organization and their current challenges. This allows you to give your entire team the mindset, skillset and toolset to get going on their own.


In an intensive multiple day program you will become a certified expert. You’ll know how to guide and train your colleagues. And thereby speed up the innovation process.


We organize public events on relevant topics. And we offer masterclasses at MOA, NIMA and Emerce on a regular basis. Check our LinkedIn page or contact us for upcoming events.


Perspective is the 2017 recipient of the MOA, Expertise Center for Marketing Insights Marketing Research & Analytics Agency of the Year award. With many thanks to our clients:

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Interested in discussing what Perspective can do for you? Interested in additional information about our approach to projects? Give us a call at +31 (0)20 777 4071 or send us an e-mail! You can also just drop by if you happen to be in the neighbourhood!